6 Ways to Save Money On Gardening This Year



6 Ways to Save Money on Gardening Supplies 

If you are like me, you see all the spring flowers and get so excited. Everyone’s yards are so green and beautiful. Then I get home, and my yard is not so lovely. I want a beautiful yard, flowers, and a garden, but there’s so much to buy—and it’s all so expensive! Can I afford to have the garden and yard of my dreams?

Yes, and so can you! Save on gardening costs this year with these six creative hacks:

1.) Share equipment

Instead of spending a lot to get equipment, speak to your neighbors about sharing some of your gardening gear. Let your neighbor use some tools you own, like your weed-whacker and trimmer, in exchange for the use of their gardening tools. If you dare, consider sharing your larger, more expensive tools, like your lawnmower, as well.

tiller working dirt

2.) Purchase used gear

Save big on gardening equipment by looking for second-hand tools and machines. Check out sites, like Craigslist, eBay and Freecycle for quality equipment at bargain prices. Be sure to give the pre-owned tool a test before finalizing a sale.

3.) Rent equipment

Many retailers rent out a variety of gardening tools at excellent rates during the spring and summer months. This way, you’ll have access to quality equipment when you need it at a price you can afford.

bush trimmer working on a green bush

4.) Shop the dollar store

You’ll find loads of gardening supplies, like seeds, markers, buckets, and planters, at rock-bottom prices in stores like Family Dollar and Dollar Tree.

5.) Shop the sales

Larger gardening equipment, like mowers and tillers, are usually featured at Memorial Day sale events, making the start of summer an excellent time to stock up on pricey garden tools.

Flowerpots, garden décor, lawn furniture, and select plants will retail at blowout prices during the clearance sales at the end of July. You’ll also see some wilting flowers on sale now. Don’t let those drooping leaves scare you. If you find a marked-down perennial that’s past its blooming window, check for healthy roots and stems. A firmly rooted perennial that’s planted late in the season is likely to recover by next spring if well-cared-for, and it will reward you with beautiful, healthy flowers.

Whenever you decide to buy your tools and supplies, be sure to check coupon sites like RetailMeNot and CouponCabin before making a purchase.

rows of a beautiful vegetable garden

6.) Buy seeds

Purchasing young transplants is a lot easier and quicker than starting from scratch, but there’s a big difference in price. You can pick up a packet of flower or vegetable seeds for less than a dollar in many nurseries. You’ll also have a much broader choice when you buy seeds, and raising a plant from seedling to vegetable or flower is a uniquely rewarding experience.

grass path in a blooming bright flower garden

We hope these tips and tricks will help you save money this year on your gardening.  If you are thinking of a large yard or garden remodel, Box Elder Credit Union offers Home Equity Line of Credit loans or Home Improvement Loans that can help with that new sprinkler system or those much-needed tools. To find out more click here:  BECU HELOC






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