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4 Places to Save at Box Elder Credit Union

Many people want to save more money but may not know how to start or how easy it can be to build savings. Even if you have not started saving, this list of 4 places to save can help you get a leg up. We have made it easy for you to decided where to put your savings.

1. Savings Accounts

Savings accounts at Box Elder Credit Union are simple accounts that pay dividends for keeping your savings in them. They are perfect for short-term savings.

Save The Change- is a new savings program that lets you put your spare change into a higher yield savings account. This program is a great way to set aside a little without noticing it.

2. Youth Accounts

Teaching our children how to budget and save money can be challenging, but with our programs, it makes it fun and easy.

Dollar Dog Club- is for children ages 12 and under. It shows kids how fun it can be to save.

iSave – is the teen club for ages 13-17. It helps teens develop good habits and has some great perks.

3. Christmas Club

The holidays can cause a lot of financial stress if you are not prepared. We make it easy for you to put a little aside each month so that you can have a stress-free holiday. Start your Christmas Club savings now.

4. Share Certificates
Share certificates are similar to a certificate of deposit (CD) at a bank. They typically pay a higher dividend than a regular savings account but require a deposit for a specific amount of time.  Share Certificates can be a great way to save a little more for a little longer.



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