5 Reasons to Use Mobile Banking



Mobile banking makes life simpler and more convenient, giving you the ability to view your financial picture anytime, anywhere on the device you carry with you. Banking apps are getting easier to use, and more financial institutions are offering them, including Box Elder County Credit Union.

If you haven’t yet jumped on the mobile banking bandwagon, here are some benefits to consider that will make your financial life easier.



Signing in to your mobile banking app anytime you like makes banking a breeze instead of a chore. Mobile banking transactions can include checking your account balance, transferring funds, paying bills or making loan payments. You can also use the mobile deposit app to make deposits by snapping quick front-and-back photos of the endorsed checks, without worrying about what time of day — or night — it is, or where the nearest branch or ATM may be.



Mobile banking allows you to save time by managing your personal finances between other activities. You can utilize work downtime, lunchtime or even waiting-in-line time. Just be careful to protect your private information from prying eyes.


Real-time banking

The ability to monitor finances in real time is more than a convenience; it can change behavior. For example, a 2015 survey from the Federal Reserve Board finds that most mobile banking users who get low-balance alerts take some action to increase their balances or reduce their spending. And as you adjust to mobile banking, you’ll quickly realize what a good idea it is to check your account balance before making an impulse buy.



Mobile banking is FREE…you can’t beat that! It’s so easy…just download the app and you are ready to do your banking anywhere, anytime. https://www.boxeldercu.com/mobilebanking.php



In a world of hackers and cybercriminals, using mobile and Wi-Fi come with some inherent risks. However, you can protect yourself and your financial information by taking a few simple steps. Download your app either directly from your financial institution’s secure site or from well-known app stores, and only use reputable stores when you download other apps, too. Avoid banking or making purchases over free public Wi-Fi connections, such as those at coffee shops and hotels, unless you’re completely confident that they are secure. Finally, make sure your mobile device is password-protected, and take precautions not to leave your phone or tablet lying around unlocked.


By 2019, mobile banking is expected to surpass online banking, with more than 1.75 billion users worldwide. Mobile is the future of banking — and by embracing that future, you can make your today a little more simple and convenient.

-Terri Kaufman, NerdWallet

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